Introducing our 2023 Summer release crafted by Romanian DJ/Producer Himbrecht, welcoming him back to the label with 4 original gems highlighting his deep and melodic roots.

Tainted: A dark ambient aura displays an emotive intro followed by angelic vocals and chants, all complemented by a subtle dynamic percussion and organic sounds.

All I Need: Different layers of Synth evolutions flirt with eerie sounds and a steady breakbeat, chants go back and forth intertwined with delightful arpeggios.

Biggest Hurt: Himbrecht’s signature deep and dark bassline kicks the track off, inviting organic sounds and tasteful strings to join the track’s core. Sonic-pulse sounds push and pull the track’s core back and forth.

None Better: A slow synth progression builds up the track’s walls and paints the view with deep percussions, distorted synths, and tripped-out keys provoking and evoking the night into your senses.