about this EP

Anathema's 2nd release for 2020 is in charge of the Romanian-born DJ and Producer Mihnea Berechet A.K.A. Himbrecht, who grew up to be synonymous with deep, melodic electronic music; and so he confirms such fact with 3 originals masterpieces on his label debut EP Beginnings. On remix duties, we welcome to the label one of the most prolific and respected producers in Spain, Javier Orduña.

'Beginnings' explores a groovy synth evolution integrated by a deep and steady bass line progression. Senses are embraced by the fusion of all musical elements that meet at the track's peak to then steadily dye-out the pulsations providing a non-stop feeling.

'Beginnings' remix kicks in with a steady bass line and subtle organic elements, guided by tasteful melodic notes and dynamic evolutions. Javi's soul and groove signature sound are undeniable felt all over the track.

'Mango Chutney' eerie notes are embraced by a Himbrecht's signature deep dark bass line. Delicate vocals interlace with long synth notes that fly around the track's atmosphere gently combined with tripped out keys and echoes.

'Manoeuvre' offers a virtual hypnotic dance between tasteful arpeggios, fresh synths, and subtle chords, all combined with a well-paced bass. A sense of slowing down is given as the track breaks into a second progression to hack your mind.

  • label:Anathema
  • release date:june 20th, 2020
  • genres:Deep house, techno
  • Mentions:Javier Orduña