Bruises [Chocolat]

November 7th, 2016
Deep House


Romanian born Himbrecht returns to Chocolat Records with an EP of his own.

The EP embarks with a collaboration with Arisen, supporting a groove in the percussion overlayed with a swooping, airy pad and a baseline that is house reminiscent. The energy behind this deep number is apparent, hand in hand with electronic panning stabs “Confused” is an intelligent house traveler with sounds in all the right places.

The second offering is a Himbrecht original and the hero of the EP, with all its attitude and forward thinking this is a deep tech slow burner. A movement motivating arp is the spine of “Bruises”, modulating through the octaves, it’s held together by some tight percussion that promotes floor filling. The warmth of “Bruises” is given to us by its high attacking synths and holding baselines. An emotional and driving collection of sounds gives us an exciting outcome in “Bruises”.